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RHOL Tenant Screening Services & Prices

TransUnion Credit $14.95-$27.95
Prior Address Locator Service (PALS) $4.95
Sex Offender Report $3.95
SSN Identification $4.95
Instant National Criminal Report $19.95
Instant State Criminal Report $9.95
Eviction Report $9.95
TeleCheck $4.95

The below topics are discussed in much more depth
on our members' Tenant Screening and Selection page

Being in a hurry to fill a vacancy and not properly checking tenant's credit history, references and background often results in very serious problems for both landlords and neighborhoods. It also contributes to the public's perception that " Those Damn Landlords Will Rent To Anyone ."

      Inadequate screening is likely to result in tenants who pay the rent late, or not at all; tenants who are likely to trash your property, move in undesirable friends ... or worse ... operate a gang or drug house in your property. Studies show that 90% of tenants who violate their rental agreements do so repeatedly. Without proper screening , bad guys are able to move through a community like a cancer destroying every home they touch and impacting the quality of life for all of us.

Tenant screening is available with immediate results (Less than 10 seconds) at RHOL.com. Enter your prospective tenants information and within seconds you can have their credit reports, evictions reports, statewide criminal and national criminal searches.

We also offer Eviction Notice results if they ever have been evicted you will know. Our criminal background checks are more in depth than others providing options for Felonies, Misdemeanors, and searches to the National Sex Offenders database.

Trust RHOL.com for your Tenant Screening and Background Check needs and have peace of mind when renting out your income properties!

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