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Tenant Screening Center

Tenant Screening Center offers lucrative business facilities not only to the service providers but also to the buyers. By saving the extra time needed to go the screening all by themselves, Tenant Screening Center helps landlords to concentrate more on their business expansion. Also since the demand for such ready services are growing every moment, it also offers huge business potential to the owners of such centers.

  1. Income and employment: Delving deep into the financial strength, income potential and also the career prospects the applicant has is necessary for Tenant Screening Center.
  2. Rental history: Tenant Screening Centers realizes that authentic and caring tenants are needed for maintaining proper rental terms. It is desirable that a tenant should take care of the property as his own. Normally, Tenant Screening Centers talk to the previous landlords of the applicants and assess his behavior as a tenant. Rent paying performance checking is also a part of this.
  3. Eviction history: The importance of this report goes without saying as no landlord would be interested in giving the property on rent to a tenant who was previously evicted by another property owner. By cross checking their database and also interviewing the previous landlords of the applicant, tenancy screening center can preparing eviction report within hours.
  4. Credit history: This report, prepared by the tenancy screening center offers a transparent picture about the overall financial standing of the applicant including the weakness and strength. This is needed to be sure about the rent paying potential of the applicant.