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Tenant Screening Forms

Prior to renting a house, the property owner requires many particulars about you and your family. You have to make known every detail in a form which lets him evaluate you on numerous grounds. This form is known as the tenant screening form. If the landlord wants to utilize the services of a tenant screening company, you have to pay a fee which is not refundable. All the facts got about you will be held on to with the landlord for at least three years.

Your property owner needs the assurance that you can pay his rent regularly at the correct time, without fail. Even though he cannot say no to your application on the bases of race, color, origin or religious conviction, since that is forbidden in the US , he can refuse you on the basis of deficient income or the size of your family

Frauds are becoming increasingly common. To authenticate your identity and reassure the landlord of your honesty, you need to show him your driver's license and photo identity card if you have one. Apart from this, it is wiser to present a residence history of the last five years, so that he can corroborate with your former landlords and get a correct picture of yourself as a tenant.

he landlord will in all possibility carry out criminal record verification to make sure if you have any criminal records against your name. For this, you need to fill up the form and attach it with the rental application. All the information must be put down in the tenant screening form to make it handy for the landlord to question and get all related information about the future tenant.