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Landlord Tenant Screening

Landlord Tenant screening, is something you need to do prior to renting your property to a tenant. Once you have received a number of applications for rent, you, as a landlord need to realize who the most wanted tenant is. The Landlord Tenant screening will help you embark on the entire rental process. Doubtless, you do not want to rent to a person with a history of frauds, or one who is not prompt about his rental payments. The best way to ensure this is to follow all the steps in the Landlord Tenant screening and screen every member in the prospect's family.

You need to know the essential particulars about the future tenant's credit history, eviction, employment history, criminal records, etc. On this basis, you can decide on the most appropriate tenant for your property. The Landlord Tenant screening procedure may be repetitive, but it is important that you go through every feature which has been put on this list.

  • Credit reports: Does the prospect deal with finances badly? Does he defer all his payments? Credit reports can help you know a lot about the tenant.
  • Court reports of evictions: from this you can find out if the tenant has ever been driven out by a former landlord and if so, then why.
  • Bad check reports: this will help you get information about overdue payment of the prospective tenant.
  • Employment verification: The current and former employers can give a fair opinion about a person.
  • Previous landlord verification: Past landlords will be able to tell you about his behavior, and any details about late payments.
  • Criminal background checks: this will help you to find out if the future tenant has ever been caught up in criminal activities.