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      The Collecting Judgments e-course is designed to provide the knowledge needed to get the money from former tenants after you have the judgment.  In addition to discussing the subject from basic through advanced concepts, the course will take you step-by-step through the procedure, including how to locate your debtor and their assets.  A pre-course quiz will test your existing knowledge of the subject and a final quiz will allow you to see how much you learned.  You may repeat all or parts of the course as many times as desired.

Introduction and Overview

  •   Prevention - Avoid the need for collection by proper procedures in the first place

    •   Application Form

    •   Screening & Selection

    •   Rental Agreement/Lease

    •   Move-in/Move-out List

    •   Other Documents

  •   Background

    •   Sources of Judgments

    •   Small Claims Court

    •   Small Claims Court Dollar Limits

Lesson 1

  •   Some Initial Considerations

    •   Hiring others, doing it yourself, or some of each

    •   Legal considerations - Federal FDCPA & State Laws

    •   The Basic Collection Process

Lesson 2

  •   Locating the Debtor & His Assets

    •   In-hand information

    •   New information

      •   Library

      •   Internet

      •   Government agencies

    •   Assistance

      •   RHOL

      •   Other

Lesson 3

  •   Lien Assets

    •   Wage Garnishment

    •   Business Receipts

    •   Bank accounts

    •   Personal property

    •   Business property

    •   Real estate

    •   Third party levy

Lesson 4

  •   Seize Assets

    •   Should you do it?

    •   How to do it

      •   Wage Garnishment

      •   Business Receipts

      •   Bank accounts

      •   Personal property

      •   Business property

      •   Real estate

      •   Third party levy

Lesson 5

  •   Miscellaneous

    •   Recovering costs

    •   Creativity, Compromise, & Settlement

    •   Closing The Books

      •   Record satisfaction of judgment

      •   Release liens, garnishments, property 

Summary & Conclusion

Final Quiz




Pre-course Quiz
Prevent Collections
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

Final Quiz



Calculating Judgments
Fair Debt Collection Act
Law Sources
Memorandum of Costs
Motor Vehicle Records
State Web Sites
Tracing & Tracking







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