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1. Which of the following is the Federal law concerned with debt collection?

2. Where should you obtain forms for use in doing a seizure of real estate?
RHOL's Forms Web
Department of Real Estate

3. Which of the following requires use of an attorney?
Obtaining the judgment
Garnishment of debtor's wages
Putting a lien of debtor's personal residence
None of the above

4. Exempt property in a typical state does not include which of the following?

Security deposit held by debtor's landlord
Child support
Social security
Life insurance policy

5. The document used to put a lien on the debtor's real property is called:
Abstract of Execution
Writ of Execution
Writ of Restitution
Abstract of Title

6. You would not want to seize property from a debtor under which of the following circumstances?
The property is necessary to his business which is his sole means of support
The market value of the property is less than the full amount owed
You suspect that he would file bankruptcy
The property is located in other than the owner's state of legal residence
7. Possible sources for locating a debtor include all but which of the following?

Post Office
Motor Vehicle Department
Social Security Administration
County Tax Assessor's Office

8. Which of the following is not a violation of federal debt collection law?
Accepting a check that is post-dated 5 days in the future and not telling the debtor on the 6th day that it will now be deposited
Threatening to seize property when you have no intent to do so
Using you company  name of "ABC Collections, Inc." in the return address of mail to the debtor.
Communicating with a consumer regarding a debt by post card

9. What percentage of rental applications are incomplete according to collection experts?

10. Who has the least power in trying to collect a debt?
Collection Agency
They all have the same power

11. The priority of garnishments by multiple parties is "first-come-first served"

12. Which of the following is usually the best source of information for locating a debtor?
Rental Application
Credit Report
Department of Motor Vehicles
Court Documents regarding the Judgment

13. Which of the following is not usually available for finding a debtor?
Voter Registration records
Professional license records
Divorce Court records
Current employer records

14. In most states judgments are good for how many years?

15. The rental application should grant permission for the landlord to check:

Credit record
Criminal records
All of the above

16. Methods used to seize from a business include all but which of the following?
Till tap
Credit card tap
8-hour keeper
48-hour keeper

17. The best source for checking state laws is:
The County Court House
A university law school library
The Internet
The office of a lawyer friend
18. The person who will seize p
roperty for you is called the:
Collection officer
Levying officer
Seizure officer
None of the above

19. A legal hearing at which the creditor can question the debtor under oath is called:
Creditor exam
Deposition hearing
Debtor exam
Preliminary hearing

20. Which of the following will probably be the most effective way for the debtor to avoid collection?
Filing bankruptcy
Storing the property at the home of a friend or relative
Refusing to appear in Court
Moving out of state

21. After the sheriff serves a notice of levy how long does the debtor have to file an exemption claim in most states?
5 days
7 days
10 days
15 days

22. The daily interest on a judgment for $2,000 at an interest rate of 10 percent is approximately:

23. Which of the following is a recoverable cost?
Attorney fees
Filing fees
Locator fees
All of the above

24. The majority of states limit the maximum amount of a small claims court suit to $2,000.

25. Collecting from a third party is least often used for a debtor who is:
An independent contractor
A corporate officer
A sole proprietor
A partner of a partnership

26. When possible, the best source of collection is:
Wage garnishment
Business property levy
Bank levy
Third party levy

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