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ClearNow is the Leader in Electronic Rent Collection! Rents are automatically withdrawn from tenant bank accounts and directly deposited into your property's checking account.

As a rental property owner or manager, you will save time and eliminate headaches with ClearNow. You will:

  • Eliminate time spent depositing checks.
  • Receive timely payments whether you are in town or on vacation. Rents cannot be lost in the mail or delayed because of the mail.
  • Know about insufficient funds within days rather than weeks with paper checks.
  • Provide tenants with an ultra-convenient payment method.

There are many benefits to tenants, too. ClearNow is an ultra-convenient payment method:

  • Saves tenants time & money - no more postage, envelopes, or paper checks!
  • Ensures tenants never forget to pay - debits are automatic every month. Tenants with an e-mail address will receive advance notification of the exact date and amount that will be withdrawn from their bank account. No other automatic rent payment service provides this important reminder!
  • It's safe - Federal Regulation E (the Electronic Funds Transfer Act of 1978) protects consumer electronic fund transfers.

ClearNow is currently offering a two-month free trial! To get started, click now to send an e-mail or call toll-free (866) 88-CLEAR (866-882-5327) to request information. ClearNow will send enrollment materials to you for you and your tenants.

ClearNow starts at just $14.95/month. This includes the debit of one tenant. Each subsequent tenant is just an additional $2.00/month. So, for a property owner with 10 enrolled tenants, ClearNow fees would be $32.95 ($14.95 + (9 * $2.00)). And remember, your first 2 months are FREE!

Enrolling in ClearNow is fast and easy:

  1. You complete an authorization form and submit it with a voided check to ClearNow.
  2. Tenants enroll by completing an authorization form and submitting it with a voided check to ClearNow.
  3. ClearNow will notify you of new tenant enrollments. Then, simply log into your ClearNow account and indicate rent amounts and lease-end dates for your enrolled tenants. That's it!

Once setup, rent payments are made automatically every month:

  1. Eight days before the debit day - Tenants receive payment reminders (for those who provide an e-mail address).
  2. First banking day of the month - Tenant bank accounts are debited. Contact ClearNow if you need a different day for processing rents.
  3. Three banking days later - Your property's checking account is credited net of ClearNow fees, and a payment report is e-mailed to you. The Federal Reserve Bank takes 3 banking days to confirm tenant funds have cleared.

Click now to send an e-mail or call toll-free (866) 88-CLEAR (866-882-5327) for more information or to enroll in ClearNow. Remember, your first 2 months are FREE!

CALL: 866-882-5327 2 FREE MONTHS!!

Sign Me Up $40
Per Year
Instant Account Activation

"Our lives have been made so much easier by using the services you guys offer.  The folks at ClearNow have always been prompt, professional, efficient & effective.  Thanks for taking some of the hassle out of managing & owning rental property."
- Charly B., New Orleans, LA 

"You guys are the best thing that ever happened to our business! ClearNow has proven to be an exceptionally valuable tool for us. The reliability of automatic rent collection is truly the best advantage ClearNow has provided to us. Setting up and using their service proved to be effortless."
- Stephen C., San Diego, CA

"ClearNow provides us with savings in time and tracking of tenants who have paid their rent. Now we can focus on marketing property and worry less about collecting rent."
- James J., Raleigh, NC

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