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CSU e-course

Evictions From Rental Housing

Pre-Course Quiz

Do not start the quiz until page has fully loaded.

If you choose a wrong answer for a question, you may make another choice.  After completing the quiz, you may clear your answers and re-take the quiz by clicking the "Go" button of your browser.  Refreshing your browser will not clear the answers.

1. In most states the landlord must wait how many days after the date rent is due before serving a Pay Rent Or Quit notice (assuming no grace period in lease)?

1 day
3 days
5 days
7 days

2. A preliminary notice is always required for which of the following situations?

Trespass Without Color Of Title
Forcible Entry Contrary To Law
Expired Lease

3. When should you use a "self-help" eviction?

When you can't afford an attorney
When you want to minimize the time to evict
When you do not want to obtain a court judgment because you know that the tenant is will file bankruptcy anyway

4. Which cause for eviction usually results in the fastest eviction?

Non-payment of rent
Health and Safety

5. The minimum time required for an eviction, in most jurisdictions, from first notice to removal by sheriff or marshal, assuming no complications, is approximately:

1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months

6. In some jurisdictions, an attorney must usually be hired to appear in Court under which of the following circumstances?

The occupant who signed the lease is a minor
Title to the property is held by the landlord's corporation
The owner is represented by a state licensed property management firm
The property is located in other than the owner's state of legal residence

7. Which of the following is usually a legal defense against eviction for cause other than non-payment of rent?

The reason Tenant didn't pay rent was because landlord failed to replace defective kitchen faucet even though provided several written complaints by the tenant
Tenant lost her job
Tenant requested a City inspection of his unit a month ago
It's Christmas season

8. Which of the following actions will not usually delay the eviction process?

Tenant has her car repossessed during the eviction process and does not appear in Court
Landlord accepts partial payment
Landlord accepts full payment
Tenant files appeal to higher court

9. Which of the following is probably not an acceptable cause for eviction

Failure to pay rent
Failure of the tenant to get rid of a prohibited pet 
Smoking in the unit when the lease prohibits smoking inside
Allowing a nephew to move in and share a bedroom with his two other children in a two-bedroom apartment

10. Which of the following courts often hear eviction cases?

Probate Court
Family Court
Small Claims Court
Traffic Court

11. You should usually hire an attorney for a Retaliatory eviction. True or False


12. What is a self help eviction?

Representing yourself in court
Failure to use due process
Assisting your attorney with the paperwork
Helping the tenant move out

13. Which of the following causes for eviction usually takes the longest?

Forcible entry
Expired lease
Health and safety 

14. Which of the following is most certain after obtaining the judgment based upon the cause of non-payment of rent?

The tenant will be gone
The landlord will eventually receive the back rent
The tenant will have 30 days to vacate
The landlord will be reimbursed for legal costs

15. Which of the following are not usually associated with an eviction?