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CSU e-course

Evictions From Rental Housing

Final Quiz

Be sure to read the instructions for obtaining your Certificate of Course Completion below the last question.

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You have 5 minutes to complete this quiz.
You may change answers to any question during that time.

When the time runs out, your score will appear below.  After completing the quiz, you may clear your answers and re-take the quiz by clicking the "Go" button of your browser.  Refreshing your browser will not clear the answers.

Quiz Score out of 25

1. In most states the landlord must wait how many days after the date rent is due before serving a Pay Rent Or Quit notice (assuming no grace period in lease)?
1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days

2. Which of the following will least likely help you avoid having to do an eviction?
A good detailed application form
A thorough credit check
A strong detailed rental agreement
High financial criteria for selection

3. A preliminary notice is always required for which of the following situations?

Trespass Without Color Of Title
Forcible Entry Contrary To Law
Expired Lease