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Connecticut Housing Court Forms

PDF Fillable Name of Form
JD-HM-2 JD-HM-2 Summary Process Execution For Possession, Rev. 12/01
JD-HM-3 JD-HM-3 Claim of Exemption - Summary Process (Eviction), Rev. 12/95
JD-HM-5 JD-HM-5 Summary Process (Eviction), Answer to Complaint, Rev. 12/99
JD-HM-7 JD-HM-7 Notice To Quit Possession, Rev. 11/00
JD-HM-8 JD-HM-8 Summary Process (Eviction) Complaint, Nonpayment of Rent, Rev. 5/99
JD-HM-9 JD-HM-9 Motion For Default For Failure To Appear, Judgment For Possession, Rev. 8/99
JD-HM-10 JD-HM-10 Motion For Default For Failure to Plead, Rev. 5/01
JD-HM-13 JD-HM-13 Motion For Judgment By Stipulation, Rev. 8/00
JD-HM-14P (859k) N/A A Landlord's Guide to Summary Process (Eviction) Rev. 7/01
JD-HM-15P (414k) N/A A Tenant's Guide to Summary Process (Eviction) Rev. 3/01
JD-HM-16 JD-HM-16 Reply to Special Defenses, Rev. 8/01
JD-HM-18 JD-HM-18 Answer To Complaint - Civil Cases, Rev. 12/99
JD-HM-19 JD-HM-19 Notice of Suit, Rev. 8/99
JD-HM-20 JD-HM-20 Summary Process (Eviction) Complaint, Term. Lease, Lapse Time, Rev. 4/01
JD-HM-22 JD-HM-22 Affidavit Re: Noncompliance With Stipulation, Rev. 1/02
JD-HM-24 JD-HM-24 Verified Lockout Complaint, Rev. 5/00
JD-HM-26 JD-HM-26 Defendant's Affidavit and Objection To Execution, Rev. 6/98
JD-HM-27 JD-HM-27 Motion For Use and Occupancy Payments, Rev. 3/00
JD-HM-31P N/A Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants in Connecticut Rev. 3/01
JD-HM-32 JD-HM-32 Summons - Summary Process (Eviction), Rev. 10/00
JD-HM-34 JD-HM-34 Summary Process Execution for Possession- Nonresidential, Rev. 12/00
JD-HM-35 JD-HM-35 Complaint - Housing Code Enforcement, Rev. 4/01



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