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Rental Housing On Line currently provides access to tenant screening services for its members through a third party vendor, YouCheckCredit.com (known as YCC).

   NOTE :  Those joining RHOL primarily for access to YCC Tenant Screening Services should verify that they qualify for YCC services before joining RHOL.   Individuals renting out a room in their home will not qualify. See  documentation examples shown below and read RHOL's Legal Notices (in particular, see Cancellation clause).

RHOL members can choose to sign up for YCC screening services such as credit reports, criminal reports, and eviction reports.   Once you are set up by YCC for credit services, credit reports and most other reports are provided very quickly, usually within a minute of submitting the request, because it is an online service.  Some special reports (those requiring manual Courthouse searches) may take longer.

For a limited time, YCC is waiving their customary $19.95 one time processing fee for any RHOL members who sign up for new YCC tenant screening services using the YCC application form and gateway to YCC access found on the RHOL gateway to YYC page.

Members who join directly at YCC will be charged whatever setup fee and service prices are being charged at the time to those who are not RHOL members.   RHOL cannot give a refund for a member who follows the wrong method.

Enrollment in YCC services includes completion of an on-line application and submission of all required documentation per federal law and YCC policies.  Enrollment usually takes one or two business days after you have submitted all required documentation.

The following links provide information regarding documentation required for application for tenant screening accounts:

Individual Owner Documents
Management Company Documents

Once the application and supporting documentation have been approved by YouCheckCredit.com,  RHOL members will access their tenant screening account through YCC credit report login access links found on many RHOL pages.

Questions and member support requests regarding YCC Tenant Screening Services must be directed to Customer Service at YouCheckCredit.com

RHOL provides access to YCC services as a benefit to RHOL members but does not act as an agent for YCC in any customer support matters or disputes. 

YCC may be contacted at: You Check Credit, Inc., 2601 Main Street, Suite 1350, Irvine, CA  92614 866-666-8833 Fax 866-666-8844    Email: RHOL Credit Help

Prices and available tenant screening services are subject to change by YCC without prior notice. There is a charge for each report ordered.  Review your YCC account setup to determine actual services/prices approved for your use.

Services available from YCC may include the following.

Basic Credit Report     $9.95
Receive an easy-to-read credit report regarding your applicant's payment history, payment patterns, creditor information, collection accounts, judgments and public records

National Criminal Search     $19.95
This report instantly searches 38 states simultaneously for criminal activity including a national sex offender search.

Statewide Criminal Searches     $9.95
This search is an instant search that is statewide with over 30 states available. It searches a database of convicted criminals and a national sex offender search. Most states have Felony and Misdemeanor records and other states have only Felony. A few states also include county records and driving records

Evic tion Records Search     $6.95
Public records of tenant eviction data are available in some cities and counties.

Report Bad Tenants
Report bad tenants to the major credit bureaus and post tenant histories to a delinquent tenant database.

Debt Collection
Debt Collection service is available as a flat fee or contingency fee basis. 

Sign Me Up $40
Per Year
Instant Account Activation

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