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Differences from 1040EZ
The "tax table" will work for any income value.



Department of the Treasury -- Internal Revenue Service

Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers With No Dependents 1995

See instructions on back and in Form 1040EZ booklet.

Calculate tax based on:
Single Married filing jointly

Presidential Election Campaign
(See page 11.)
Notes Checking "yes" will not change your tax or reduce your refund.

Do you want $3 to go to this fund?

Yes No
If a joint return, does you spouse want $3 to go to this fund?


Attach Copy B of Form(s) W-2 here.

Enclose, but do not attach, any payments with your return

  1. Total wages, salaries, and tips. This should be shown in box 1 of your W-2 form(s). Attach your W-2 forms(s).
  1. Taxable interest income of $400 or less. If the total is over $400, you cannot use Form 1040EZ.
  1. Unemployment compensation (see page 14).
  1. Add lines 1, 2, and 3. This is your adjusted gross income. If less than $9,230. see page 15 to find out if you can claim the earned income credit on line 8.
Note: You must check Yes or No.
  1. Can your parents (or someone else) claim you on their return?
  2. Yes.
    Do worksheet on back; enter amount from line G here.
    If single, enter 6,400.00
    If married, enter 11,550.00.
    For an explanation of thest amounts, see back of form.
  1. Subtract line 5 from line 4. If line 5 is largeter than line 4, enter 0. This is your taxable income.

Payments and tax

  1. Enter your Federal income tax withheld from box 2 of your W-2 form(s).
  1. Earned income credit (see page 15). Enter type and amount of nontaxable earned income below.
  1. Add lines 7 and 8 (don't include nontaxable earned income). These are your total payments
  1. Tax Use the amount on line 6 to find you tax in the tax table on pages 29-33 of the booklet. Then, enter the tax from the table on this line.

Refund or amount you owe

  1. If line 9 is larger than line 10, subtract line 10 from line 9. This is your refund.
  1. If line 10 is larger than line 9, subtract line 9 from line 10. This is the amount you owe. See page 22 for details on how to pay and what to write on your payment

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